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Ruby is fast becoming a very formidable force to be reckoned with in our home in terms of 'creating' her own 'look' each day.

I think i'm adjusting quite well to this new dynamic every morning and every day, although it sure does have its challenges.

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Fabulous familyrecipes

Gnocchi with Roast Pumpkin
10 minutes
15 minutes

Soft and delightful, gnocchi with roast pumpkin will make a sweet and healthy meal for your little ones.


Michelle Vogrinec, GAIA

Michelle Vogrinec, GAIA

With her baby boy suffering from eczema, Michelle resolved to find an all natural solution. The products she created are the foundation of her hugely popular GAIA skincare range. Read our interview with Michelle here.

Meet Vanessa, Coles Nutrition and Wellbeing Manager

Q&A with Vanessa Hattersley, Coles Nutrition and Wellbeing Manager

In this month's Coles Baby & Toddler Magazine we introduce you to our Nutrition and Wellbeing Manager, Vanessa Hattersley. As a “skinny kid” in a big, busy family, Vanessa was taught the value of food from her own mum. Now in charge of nutrition at Coles, she’s keen to encourage all families to make the most of what they put on the table. Have a read of our Q&A with Vanessa here.

Product of the month


Heinz baby pouches are made from carefully selected ingredients that are blended and then steam cooked in country Victoria to make a nutritious meal for little tummies.

Sippy Cups

Moving from bottles to sippy cups

As featured in our latest magazine some bubs make an easy transition from bottle to sippy cup around their 1st birthday, but others are less keen. Here we give you some tips on how to encourage a reluctant cup-drinker.

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